Here’s How To Accurately Draw Tim Tebow Throwing A Football

08.14.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

Hiya folks! It’s time for the next Draw Play Dave Drawing Lesson where we learn how to draw our favorite NFL personalities. This is lesson 9, in case you aren’t caught up, you should check out the previous lessons!

Lesson 1: Peyton Manning
Lesson 2: Andy Reid
Lesson 3: Tom Brady
Lesson 4: Jay Cutler
Lesson 5. Mike Glennon
Lesson 6: Peter King
Lesson 7: John Elway
Lesson 8: Jameis Winston

Today is Tim Tebow’s birthday. Our favorite lightning rod of the devout football fan turns 28! How adorable. I figured to honor this glorious occasion I would impart my artistic ability back to our loyal readership. So without further ado: This is how to properly draw Tim Tebow throwing a football.


I sped it up a bit, but if you want to be more accurate, add 20 steps between 4 and 5 of him still taking forever to release the ball.

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