Tom Brady Had Some Serious Trouble Early In ‘The Match’ With Tiger And Phil

The Match II, featuring Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning facing off with Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in golf match play at Medalist Golf Club in Florida on TNT and after a 45 minute weather delay, the action began in wet and rainy conditions. As expected, the amateurs didn’t handle that especially well, with Manning and Brady having some early struggles, with Brady really having a tough time off the tee.

Brady refused to break out the driver on the first three holes, opting for a driving iron and a pair of 3-woods, but even taking the shorter club couldn’t save him as he was spraying the ball all over the course. The third hole was really the crown jewel of terrible golfing, as he hit two way right off the tee — the second being a provisional — to set the tone for a disastrous hole for he and Phil Mickelson — who was way left off the tee.

He would maybe find his first drive — on course reporter Justin Thomas was, let’s just say skeptical it was actually his ball — and then deliver another chunk, failing to get it out of the trees and straw.

Brady would eventually find his way short of the green in four, where he would then chili dip a chip and leave it short all but assuring him of a bogey even with the stroke he and Manning got.

The third hole was the ultimate disaster, but things weren’t good on any of the first three for Brady, who sprayed his first tee shot of the day left, then missed right on the second hole, chunked a long iron into the hazard and had to take a drop. It was somewhat cathartic to watch someone who is an elite athlete in one sport struggle so mightily on the golf course, because it helps show exactly how wide the gap is between the elite golfers and a mid-handicap golfer.

Tiger and Peyton would both have putts for birdie, and after Mickelson missed his par putt he conceded the hole to give them the first lead of the afternoon.

UPDATE: The fourth hole did not go any better for our guy Tom.

UPDATE: The fifth hole, likewise, was bad as Tom found water for the first time all day.

UPDATE: The sixth hole featured a stone cold skull from Tom after otherwise his best efforts of the day.

UPDATE: He did a good!!!!!!! He holed out from the fairway for birdie on the seventh. The bad news? He ripped his pants fishing the ball out of the hole.

UPDATE: After a pedestrian 4 net 3 on the par-3 eighth, bad Tom returned as he popped a tee shot up and failed to carry the hazard on the ninth.