Tony Romo Is Still Calling Plays Before They Happen On The CBS Broadcast

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Tony Romo‘s days as a quarterback appear to be over, but he’s finding plenty of success in the broadcast booth with Jim Nantz on CBS. Romo joined the network in the offseason after he announced his retirement, and through two weeks, he’s gotten positive reviews from most.

Romo was back in the booth with Nantz calling the New England Patriots on the road against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback got high marks for his ability to predict what plays an offense would do before they executed them in his first official booth experience.

On Sunday in NOLA, it happened again. The Saints were trailing and driving with the football when Romo suddenly called what the Vikings would do on 3rd and four from the Patriots four.

“Let’s see the design of this play,” Romo said. “Heads up for the fade inside to 16.”

And sure enough, Drew Brees looked to the left side of the end zone and threw a fade to Brandon Coleman for the touchdown that made it 20-9 Patriots with 11:52 left in the second quarter.

It’s safe to say no one is exactly missing Phil Simms right now.

I’d expect Romo to keep doing this in the booth, especially if he keeps getting it right.