Urban Meyer Wanted To Be Literally Anywhere Else After The Jags Got Shutout By The Titans

The Jacksonville Jaguars hit a new low point for the 2021 NFL season on Sunday, something that seems it would be impossible given how things have gone so far for the 2-11 Jags, but is almost undoubtedly true after they were shutout at home by the Titans in a game where Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions.

It was a hideous football game, in which the Titans sleepwalked to a victory, never looking like they were trying particularly hard (especially on offense) and seemed happy to lean on Jacksonville until they made mistakes, which was just about every other drive. The Jags put forth this dismal effort days after a report emerged that said Urban Meyer called his assistant coaches “losers” in a meeting and got in an argument with top receiver Marvin Jones Jr., and afterwards it looked like Meyer would’ve liked to be quite literally anywhere but Jacksonville.

As the clock rolled to triple zeroes, Meyer strolled aimlessly towards midfield for a postgame handshake with his former Ohio State assistant Mike Vrabel that was, well, awkward at best.

Meyer’s thousand-yard stare at the end of the game was followed up by a rather hysterical moment in his postgame press conference where someone (a fan, perhaps?) asked about his offensive line getting their “asses kicked” and how they get paid too much for that to happen, to which Meyer just kind of nodded along and said “yeah” in response.


While he seemed to not have much to say about the team’s performance, he did make sure to get mad and fired up about something far more important than his team’s pathetic effort and the constant mistakes: someone leaking information to the media.

If the Meyer tenure in Jacksonville lasts beyond January 2022 I think just about everyone would be shocked. It seems like it’s just a matter of whether Meyer blinks and quits or if the Jags will have to pay him a hefty buyout to fire him.