Washington Will Go By Washington Football Team Until Picking A New Name

As the Washington NFL franchise continues the process of formally rebranding and choosing a new name, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the franchise will go by the name Washington Football Team for the foreseeable future.

Schefter reported this will not be the official new name of the team that owner Dan Snyder committed to choosing this month, but an intermediate step until the franchise can undergo a full name selection process and rebrand.

Many had noted that choosing a new name for a sports franchise often takes years, and that Washington would have only a handful of weeks until the NFL season began to replace signage, jerseys, and merchandise. This is a step toward a rebrand that will allow Washington to maintain its color scheme and instead just go about removing its logo from FedEx Field and all other official products and branded items.

Schefter confirmed as much, posting photos of the new jerseys and noting that the old logo will be replaced with players’ numbers in gold.

The change was precipitated when FedEx, Nike and other corporate sponsors threatened to cut ties with Washington earlier this summer unless the name was changed. Among the new names reportedly in contention are the Warriors and the Sentinels. Earlier this week, fans discovered that the organization may have web trademarks for a website with the Sentinels name, with official trademarking potentially the last roadblock to an official name change.