A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant’s Dirty Mind Cost Him An Easy Win

Entertainment Editor
03.21.17 3 Comments

With Netflix and competing networks/streaming services dropping more content than is fit for human consumption, you can forgive someone for not being up to date with the latest hot #content. But, you would think that after a few decades on this planet, this sexily-misinformed Wheel of Fortune contestant named Kevin would’ve heard of a little movie called A Streetcar Named Desire (someone Kevin’s caliber of thirst would not know Streetcar was a Pulitzer-winning play and might think Tennessee Williams is a honey-flavored whiskey).

So here he is, in all his glory, calling out, “A Streetcar Naked Desire” for some reason. What even is A Streetcar Naked Desire? According to a brief Google search, there are only eight cities with surviving first-generation streetcar services available to the public. Does Kevin just have a little sauciness on the brain, or is this a highly-specific fetish? This naked streetcar-ing?

Twitter joined in the confusion/exasperation. He was so close!

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