A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant’s Dirty Mind Cost Him An Easy Win

With Netflix and competing networks/streaming services dropping more content than is fit for human consumption, you can forgive someone for not being up to date with the latest hot #content. But, you would think that after a few decades on this planet, this sexily-misinformed Wheel of Fortune contestant named Kevin would’ve heard of a little movie called A Streetcar Named Desire (someone Kevin’s caliber of thirst would not know Streetcar was a Pulitzer-winning play and might think Tennessee Williams is a honey-flavored whiskey).

So here he is, in all his glory, calling out, “A Streetcar Naked Desire” for some reason. What even is A Streetcar Naked Desire? According to a brief Google search, there are only eight cities with surviving first-generation streetcar services available to the public. Does Kevin just have a little sauciness on the brain, or is this a highly-specific fetish? This naked streetcar-ing?

Twitter joined in the confusion/exasperation. He was so close!

But oh, so far…

We may never know what was going through Kevin’s brain as he stared at that final phrase, but since we’re on the subject of A Streetcar Naked Desire, perhaps Kevin would be into another Marlon Brando feature — Last Tango in Paris.

(Via Deadspin)