Will Ferrell Dressed Up As Ron Burgundy And Appeared In The Booth At An L.A. Kings Game

Via FoxSportsWest

Will Ferrell is a bit of a Los Angeles sports superfan. He’s been a fixture on the sideline of USC football games for years, he’s played in a few spring training baseball games, and he’s part of the ownership group for the city’s newest MLS club, Los Angeles Football Club. As for hockey, Ferrell’s a big Los Angeles Kings fan, but apparently, he has nothing on the team’s newest broadcaster: Ron Burgundy.

Ferrell brought out everyone’s favorite anchorman for the second period of Thursday night’s game between the Kings and the San Jose Sharks. Burgundy slid into the broadcast booth alongside Alex Faust and Jim Fox of FOX Sports West to give some analysis on what was going down on the ice … once he got to the right building, that is.

While he’s the finest newsman the city of San Diego has ever seen, the skill set that comes from doing that and the skill set required to do play-by-play — especially for a sport as fast-paced as hockey — are different. Still, Burgundy did a pretty solid job, even having anecdotes about players on both teams.

There was even a pretty solid discussion about the best way to get your hair cut when you wear a broadcaster’s headset for a living.

As someone who did play-by-play, like, five times in college, it can certainly be a bit hectic, and you might even forget to eat. Fortunately for Burgundy, Kings mascot Bailey hooked him up with that classic meal we all know and love: a bean burrito and a glass of milk.

Burgundy busted out his goal call, even though there wasn’t, you know, a goal.

We would like to recommend that Burgundy sticks to reading the news, but hey, perhaps he has a future in the broadcast booth if he ever makes the entire city of San Diego furious again.