CM Punk Cost Drew McIntyre The World Heavyweight Title At WWE Clash At The Castle

CM Punk cost Drew McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Damian Priest retained at WWE Clash at the Castle from Glasgow, Scotland.

McIntyre fed off the crowd throughout the match. Priest eventually gained the advantage, looking for a dive to the outside, but got his right leg caught in the ropes as he flipped. Priest favored his ankle throughout the match but was able to hit a Razor’s Edge for two.

McIntyre sent Priest down and set up for the Claymore, but Priest rolled out of the ring. McIntyre kicked Priest through the barricade and dragged him back into the ring. He set up for another Claymore when Priest reversed into the South of Heaven chokeslam for two. Priest hit a hurricarana off the top rope, but McIntyre jumped back to his feet and hit a Claymore out of nowhere for two.

The referee was knocked out before McIntyre hit another Claymore. CM Punk ran down in a referee shirt and counted two before hitting a low blow and setting Priest up for the South of Heaven chokeslam for the win.

Priest won the World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania, cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase five minutes after McIntyre had claimed the belt from Seth Rollins. On that night, it was CM Punk, who pulled a showboating McIntyre off the announce table in celebration and provided the opening for Priest’s win.

Priest will now move on to face Gunther at SummerSlam, while it seems like we’re set up for a clash between Punk and McIntyre.