From TVs To Nerf: The Best Deals You’ll Find On Cyber Monday

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11.28.16 3 Comments


Breathe deep. While Black Friday may seem like the end-all of holiday shopping season events, it’s really just the kick-off. From now through December, budget-conscious shoppers will find themselves awash in outstanding opportunities to stretch their gift-buying dollar and Cyber Monday stands out as a great chance to take advantage of those deep discounts while sitting at home and sipping coffee. Or gin if you had a particularly rough Thanksgiving. We’re not here to judge. We are, however, here to present you with a few tips and the best deals that have been announced so far.

Plan Your Cyber Monday Campaign And Keep Calm

1. No war is won without a sound strategy. Write out your list of folks, pick one or two gifts in a broad sense that you want to get for them instead of focusing on brands (i.e. your uncle Dennis might want a stand mixer, not a Kitchenaid). And then and only then dive into the deep, ever-sprawling pile of deals that is Cyber Monday.

2. The mixture of holiday shopping pressure, and tactics like Amazon’s rather shameless timer on deals and steadily climbing “percentage sold” progress bar, can make shoppers just as unhinged as any fistfight over an iPhone case. So, before you leap into the sprawl, remember that if you, or your giftee, won’t use it, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is.

3. Deals come back all the time. It’s easy to forget that prices are decided by the seller, and if somebody decides they can move a TV at a 70% discount, odds are fairly good that discount will return again before Christmas Eve, or another seller will try to top it. And don’t forget; the same scams used on Black Friday also pop up on Cyber Monday, so plan accordingly! So with that, let’s look at some deals!


Best Buy

While there are some surprising Cyber Monday deals out there, like a $700 savings on this 55″ LG TV from Best Buy, the best deal is easily Wal-Mart unloading its entire stock of Samsung TVs at 50% off. That’s dirt, dirt cheap, and if you need a replacement tube, this will definitely fit the bill. That said, if you need a smaller TV and want a gift card to go with it, Target is selling a 43″ Ultra HD Samsung TV for $400 plus a $50 gift card.


There’s never any contest on Cyber Monday for who has the best deals on their own products. Amazon, as usual, is celebrating Cyber Monday by cutting prices on all their stuff. If you use a tablet to surf the web, play games, and Tweet from the couch, the 7″ Fire is perfect.

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