Black Friday Scams That Could Ruin Your Holiday Season

Senior Contributor
11.25.16 4 Comments


On Thursday, we’ll eat turkey, spend time with family, take in a movie, and enjoy golden-lit, tender family traditions. And on Friday, we’re going to powerbomb some motherf***er through a table of cheap plastic s*** for trying to grab the last f***ing Hatchimal. OK, generally the first official shopping day of the holiday season is a little less WWE and a little more conspicuous consumerism. And there are absolutely deals to be had.

Remember the proverb as old as capitalism itself, though: Let the buyer beware. Black Friday is rife with deals that aren’t really deals, math that doesn’t add up, and attempts to get you to buy stuff to get it off shelves instead of because it’s what you want. Here’s what you need to know about buying on Black Friday.

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