Turns Out Everyone, Not Just Your Cool Friends, Is Hyping Up ‘Abbott Elementary’ On Social Media

Abbott Elementary has already proved itself to be a ratings monster for ABC, and the show picked up a second season because of it, and now comes word that the show is also a powerhouse on Twitter. According to new data on the hit sitcom, Abbott Elementary has racked up over 1.5 million tweets since it debuted in December, with a sizable chunk of those tweets being about series creator Quinta Brunson, who was inspired to create the show by her sixth-grade teacher. Via Variety:

Brunson has lit up the Twittersphere since the sitcom’s Dec. 7, 2021, premiere — with more than 360,000 tweets about her — while her Twitter account, @quintabrunson, has gained 95,000 followers (+19%) over that time period. Co-star Janelle James (@janellejcomedy), who plays fan-favorite villain Principal Ava Coleman, has gained 60,000 followers since “Abbott Elementary” premiered, up 181%. In addition, the official @AbbottElemABC Twitter account has gained about 38,600 followers (+728%) since the show’s debut.

The show has been such a hit on social media that even Twitter is amazed by the interactions Abbott Elementary has been getting, which has been particularly notable considering the show has been on hiatus.

“We see people live-tweeting when it’s airing on ABC, when it’s on Hulu the next day, in-between episodes and eagerly anticipating its return while the show is on hiatus,” a senior manager told Variety. “It’s been immediately embedded into pop culture through memes of the cast, GIFs and moments that we can all relate to.”

Abbott Elementary returns with new episodes on March 22, but in the meantime, the first half of the season is available to stream on Hulu. Everyone’s tweeting about it, man, you know you want to watch it. And if you’re still not on-board after all this, well, your opinion…

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(Via Variety)