‘Abbott Elementary’ Star Quinta Brunson (Who Is Good) Will Show Up In The New ‘Party Down’ Revival (Which Should Be Good)

After Abbott Elementary became a surprise hit, it only makes sense that the creator and star of the show, Quinta Brunson, has begun turning up in other projects. Though an upcoming guest spot was recently spoiled by Adam Scott by mistake, which is a very Adam Scott thing to have happened.

While interviewing each other for the Variety’s Actors On Actors series, Brunson and Scott were paired together, and Brunson mentioned she was ‘so excited’ for her upcoming guest spot, which hadn’t actually been announced at the time (the interview took place in April). “But that was announced, right? We can say it — you’re guest-starring on Party Down.” Brunson added, “I don’t think that was announced.” It was…not announced. But now it is!

Brunson will guest star in the upcoming Party Down revival, alongside original cast members Scott, Jane Lynch, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, and Megan Mullally. The show follows a group of misfits at a catering company in LA. The series initially lasted two seasons but gained a cult following in the years since.

The revival will consist of six episodes and will air on Starz. Brunson will play Jaff, a “sharp, calculating agent” to Hansen’s self-obsessed actor character, Kyle Bradway. The full conversation between Brunson and Scott will be published online on June 19th.

While there is no premiere date for the revival, a slew of other guest stars have been announced, including Jennifer Garner, Tyrel Jackson Williams, Zoe Chao, and James Marsden. Are we having fun yet?!

Yes, yes we are.

(Via Variety)