Hey, Look Over Here, Maya Rudolph And Amy Poehler Are Hosting A Baking Competition Show!

It’s common knowledge that Amy Poehler is good at both hosting shows and making things, mostly because she hosted a show called Making It. We also know that Maya Rudolph has a show called Baking It, where a bunch of grandmothers judge contestants baked goods, and her former host Andy Samberg is busy doing something else. So the only logical next step here would be for Poehler to move from Making It to Baking It and fire Andy Samberg so that she and Rudolph can finally host together for the first time. This all makes sense if you don’t think about it too much!

The two Saturday Night Live alums will reunite for season two of Baking It, and in true Maya and Amy fashion, the duo has prepared a song to hype up the season, which will feature a new set of contestants facing off against each other in various food-related challenges for a ton of money. Also, unlike most boring baking shows with rude professional judges, again, the judges on Baking It consists of just a bunch of very critical grandmothers. Please listen to their cute little song below:

Season two will also include a Christmas special that will air on December 12th at 8 pm and feature all of your favorite holiday NBC-adjacent celebrities like Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell. Surely Andy Sandberg feels left out now! Maybe he can pitch a new show called Raking It about various lawn care tips, or Banking It where he robs banks. There is still time to workshop it.

Baking It will stream weekly on Peacock beginning on Dec. 12.

(Via People)