Steve Martin And Martin Short Are Tag-Team Hosting ‘SNL’ In December

Saturday Night Live charges into December on the momentum of a controversial Dave Chappelle-hosted post-election extravaganza that certainly drew sharp criticism. So perhaps it makes sense that the show is reaching back into its history of less controversial hosts to finish out the calendar year.

Tuesday brought word of who will host SNL’s next three episodes, starting with Keke Palmer hosting on December 3 while SZA performs. The show’s Instagram account shared the now-classic flashcards it uses to reveal who will host and perform in Studio 8H, with three new episodes scheduled for the holiday-filled month.

Palmer’s hosting duties were already known, of course, as the singer/actress had shared the news herself on Twitter earlier in the month.

Elvis star Austin Butler will host the show’s final episode of 2022, a pre-Christmas one sure to have a few holiday skits to add to the show’s ever-growing collection. But the biggest news here is that the show is bringing back some legendary talent to perform together. Steve Martin and Martin Short, co-stars of Hulu’s smash hit Only Murders In The Building, will reunite on the SNL stage on December 10.

Letting two people host is far from unprecedented, but the duo almost always have some pretty notable chemistry. In fact, both Short and Martin have actually hosted together before. On December 6, 1986, the duo joined Chevy Chase to host the show as a trio. Chase has seen a, uh, falling out of sorts with various former co-stars in recent years. And considering the current work Short and Martin do together this all makes lots of sense.

The episode will mark the 16th time Martin has hosted the show, while December 10 will be Short’s fourth appearance and his first hosting duties since 2012. Considering their history with the show — and how close Short will be to hosting five times — expect at least one jacket mention during the monologue and maybe a bit of singing and dancing to boot.