What It Was Like Seeing Ann Coulter Get Mercilessly Burned At Rob Lowe’s Roast

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08.31.16 65 Comments
Coulter Roast Piece

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Last weekend, my girlfriend and I scored last minute tickets to Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe (which the network will air on Labor Day). As a person intensely interested in subplots and hidden narratives, a Google search on the way to the event sent my brain into a frenzy. Why was Jewel one of the roasters? Why was Peyton Manning one of the roasters? And, most urgently, why was Ann Coulter one of the roasters?

Eventually, the answers were illuminated as follows:

  1. Some thread of personal connection.
  2. Some thread of personal connection.
  3. To sell a book about Donald Trump.

Unless Lowe and Coulter are pen pals on the sly, their public interaction is limited to this tweet and the Maher appearance it was meant to promote. That’s not much to go on.

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