Jada Pinkett Smith’s Ex Is Denying A Report That He Watched Chris Rock’s Special And Found It ‘Funny’

As you may have heard, there was a new Chris Rock stand-up special Saturday. The comic said some shocking things. For one, he revealed that he secretly got his daughter kicked out of school (for a good reason). Oh, and he also broke his silence over the Will Smith Oscars slap. His scorched earth tirade, in which he showed he hadn’t moved on, drew a ton of gasps, even allegedly from Jada Pinkett Smith’s former sidepiece. Alas, that guy is now denying he even watched it.

Page Six had previously reported that August Alsina — the singer who was previously involved in an “entanglement” with Will Smith’s spouse — had tuned in to watch Selected Outrage, Rock’s live Netflix special. A source said Alsina, unlike Jada, enjoyed it.

“August watched the Netflix special and he laughed,” a source claimed. “He thought it was not only funny but truthful. That was the best part for him.”

Alas, it was not to be. A rep for Alsina reached out to ET, denying that he’d even watched it. “Mr. Alsina has not seen Chris Rock’s special at all, as he’s been busy on tour,” the rep said. So apparently Alsina has not taken an hour to kick back and watch an old flame — and her understandably hurt husband — get torched by one of the planet’s most famous comics.

(Via ET and Page Six)