Ayo Edebiri Of ‘The Bear’ Is Ready To Crush The Dreams Of Everyone Who Thinks The Show Is Sexy

The Bear‘s given us a lot: Plentiful jargon into the inner workings of the kitchen run by Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and a delightful soundtrack to keep the intensity humming, even during the credits. We still, however, don’t know (and probably won’t know anytime soon) the definitive answer to the one pressing question about the show in light of the Internet’s lust: will Carmy (or anyone else) get a little behind-the-kitchen action?

Standup comedian Ayo Edebiri (who plays sous chef Sydney, who I not-so-secretly want to manage a future franchise) isn’t so sure! According to Ayo’s new interview with The Cut, she can’t visualize the characters even having the spare energy or time or desire to get down. Furthermore, Ayo really doesn’t want Sydney and Carmy to hook up because (among other reasons) the results would be “disappointing.” I tend to agree, but here’s Ayo’s full quote:

“I don’t personally think there’s anything romantic there! I don’t think the show is a sexual one. These people don’t have … very robust personal lives. They’re devoted to their jobs. If anything happened between Sydney and Carmy, nobody would be happy. It would be disappointing and jarring and weird. I don’t think people actually want that.”

Don’t get her wrong, though. Ayo understands why the internet is hot for Carmy:

“He’s got those blue eyes! I don’t know. People on the internet are into it, I’m happy for him, and it’s good for us. I don’t think I evoke that, where just a picture of his face causes somebody to divulge a very jarring memory. Or fantasy. It’s hard to say which. But he’s handling it like a champ.”

In other words, Ayo feels similarly to Jeremy Allen White, who is no doubt still very aware of how people lust after his character, even though he’s also maintained (in a GQ conversation), “Carmy does not f*ck.” But I still believe that Carmy eventually will do so, and man, the pressure is on for the writers to deliver a satisfying scenario.

On a related note, Ayo recently appeared on Penn Badgley’s Podcrushed podcast, where she discussed many things unrelated to The Bear. It’s a highly entertaining episode, so maybe go check it out while waiting for more details on the second season of The Bear.

(Via The Cut)