At Least One Cast Member Of ‘Bad Vegan’ Is Thriving These Days (And He’s An Instagram Star)

(Spoilers for Netflix’s Bad Vegan will be found below.)

The Bad Vegan train left the station less than a week ago, and it’s already racked up an absurdly huge number of viewing hours for Netflix. As far as the glut of recent scammer shows go, it’s a clear winner in terms of generating conversation and making people wonder wtf-is-going-on, and how much of the story could possibly be true. For sure, it’s still hard to believe how celebrity restauranteur Sarma Melngailis, who counted Alec Baldwin and Owen Wilson among her clientele, could have fallen so far from grace. For her fugitive-fraud combo stunts, she even went to prison, as did her husband, Anthony Strangis, neither of whom will be drawing investors anytime soon (if ever).

Sarma’s story leaves people feeling conflicted, since (at least to some degree) she likely got sucked into a scam as well. There’s one co-star, though, who every Bad Vegan viewer can agree is awesome. That would be Leon, the rescue pit bull, who didn’t achieve doggy immortality as Strangis (freaking bizarrely) promised (and Sarma felt “sick” over how that was used as a surreal marketing tactic), but Leon is nonetheless doing fantastic.

Leon spent time with Sarma’s friends while she did her Rikers Island time. These days, he’s back with Mom and becoming an Instagram star, with his own account, but he’s also popping into view on Sarma’s page as a “judgy backseat driver.”

Over on his own Instagram page, he’s telling the world how “Mom says this is ‘bonkers'” to see him on a Netflix splash page promoting Bad Vegan. He wants to know, “Also why am I on the tv?”

Otherwise, he’s hanging out on the couch a lot, enjoying homemade recipes (not always vegan, Sarma has clarified), and celebrating his 12th birthday. Oh, and he’s got a pet octopus. Seems like quite the life that everyone would enjoy.

Good on ya, Leon. Get those belly rubs.

Bad Vegan is currently streaming on Netflix.