Ali Wong Discussed That Memorable Sex Scene On ‘Beef’ Involving A Gun

Beef, one of the best new TV shows of 2023, quickly grabs the viewer’s ears with needle drops from O-Town and Hoobastank, and their eyes with a scene involving Ali Wong and a gun.

In the first episode of the Netflix series, Amy (played by Wong) is involved in a stressful road rage incident with Danny (Steven Yeun). To gain back control over her life, she takes out a firearm from her safe and masturbates with it.

“I wouldn’t even call it problematic,” the Tuca and Bertie actress told Digital Spy about the titillating scene. “I would just say it is what it is. But for her, she doesn’t feel comfortable with anybody seeing it, you know?”

Wong also discussed what was going through Amy’s mind during another memorable sex scene on Beef, this one occurring later in the season. “It’s just that Amy has a lot of shame,” she explained. “When she says in the finale, ‘I don’t want anybody to see me.’ You know, so many people desperately want to be seen, and she’s like, ‘Oh, no, I really don’t want people to see me.’ She’s done something she wouldn’t even tell a best friend, and probably wouldn’t write even in a journal because she’d be too scared of someone reading it and finding out. That’s why she has the blanket over her head.”

Congratulations to Beef. Not only for being a very good show, but also taking over the Google search results for “gun masturbation” and “beef sex scene.”

Beef is streaming on Netflix now.

(Via Digital Spy)