Ben Schwartz Experiencing The Red Wedding Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ For The First Time Is Very Relatable

House of the Dragon is one of the biggest shows on TV, but not everyone is watching it. Heck, some people haven’t even gotten around to Game of Thrones yet. Ben Schwartz, of Parks and Recreation, Sonic, and The Afterparty fame, was one of those people — until he tested positive for COVID, giving him an excuse to watch an old TV show. Not that anyone needs one. Normalize watching old TV shows with no other responsibilities.

On September 29, Schwartz tweeted, “After playing it super safe since 2020, somehow I got COVID. It is a bummer. I’m looking for switch game recommendations and movie recs. I tried writing to occupy the time and my brain has decided that’s a no go for another couple days.” He added, “I have also started Game of Thrones for the first time, so I can finally get the references everyone made 10 years ago.”

It’s now October 4, and he’s already up to Tyrion’s trial in season four.

Here are some highlights along the way:

Schwartz, like the rest of us, had a visceral reaction to the Red Wedding:

He’s already halfway through, but anyone who spoils Game of Thrones for Schwartz gets a golden crown.

(Via Twitter/Ben Schwartz)