‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast: Betrayal Is The Only Truth That Sticks In Season 2, Episode 6

(SPOILERS for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

Each week for the ‘BMF’ To Blowin’ Money Fast series, we’ll recap the episode by looking at a few key things to see how they hurt Meech and Terry’s money-making goals and overall well-being. Each item will be marked as a profit or a loss, the former keeping them in the black and the latter pushing them into the red. Throughout the course of the season, something that was once unprofitable could turn profitable, and vice versa, but we’ll have to wait and see what that might be.

Following their brief foray to Atlanta in episode five, “Moment Of Truth,” Meech and Terry are back in Detroit for episode six, “Homecoming,” and they’re back to re-establish BMF as a force in Detroit and seek revenge on those who tried to tear them down. In “Homecoming,” Terry has fully committed to BMF, a decision that has greatly upset his parents Charles and Lucille. On the other hand, Meech is very happy about Terry’s return as it means the brothers can get back to the way things used to be. One of their most important tasks is tracking down Lamar to kill him as he still remains a huge threat to them. Meech and Terry struggle to find him, but Lamar has no issue tracking them down as he kills one of BMF’s Sockie. Elsewhere in the episode, Charles continues to be unfaithful in his marriage and B-Mickie’s double life comes to an end in a way that he couldn’t even have imagined. Let’s get into some of this week’s main characters on BMF.



Per usual, Meech does a great job of rolling with the punches. He and Terry return to Detroit, and Meech is completely focused on getting BMF back up and running as well as finding Lamar and killing him once and for all. It’s exactly the mindset that you need from a leader, especially for a team that’s experienced a string of losses. Those losses continue in this episode as BMF’s Sockie is killed by Lamar in a surprise attack. It’s this that pushes Meech to orchestrate a deal with a local crew, the PA Boys, for their help in moving product as well as killing Lamar. It’s a smart move, but one that ultimately proves to be unsuccessful as Lamar is able to kill two of their members. As Monique said, you can’t take down a man from the streets by thinking like a man of the streets. So as soon as Meech understands that, wins should begin to fall his way.



Lamar has by far been the worse enemy to BMF throughout the show’s two seasons. He’s impeded the group’s progress on several occasions, and if he hasn’t physically distributed them, his mere presence and continued life has brought fear to BMF, whether they’d like to admit it or not. In “Homecoming,” Lamar smiles at the news that Meech and Terry are being loud and clear in their search for him. This essentially gives him the green light to act as he pleases which we see throughout the episode. He kills Sockie as well as two members of another crew that Meech hired to take him down. As long as Lamar is alive and somewhat well, he’ll continue to torment BMF at the very least as his ultimate goal of taking down Meech remains on his checklist.



Terry is officially back in BMF! Seeing him rocking the icy BMF chain in “Homecoming” was a happy sight to see, especially to Meech. After spending this season, and the last half of season one, going back and forth about his desire to be in the group, Terry fully commits to it in episode six. He starts by telling his high school teacher, and his parents at the same time, that he will not return to school to complete his classes and graduate. It’s shocking news to his parents, and though they object to his decision, he doubles down and says there’s nothing they can do to change his mind. Terry’s return to the crew and his return as Meech’s right-hand man couldn’t come at a better time as B-Mickie’s presence in and commitment to the crew is up for question, especially with the ending of “Homecoming.”



Even when Charles sets out to do right, he still manages to do wrong. After a brief sexual encounter with Mabel, Charles storms back to her house to say that they must bring their fling to an end. His little strong moment comes to a quick end as Mabel drops her robe, and before we know it, Charles slips right into her trap and finds himself having sex with her on her couch. We can assume that Charles’ infidelity will catch up to him eventually, as it does for most people, and it’s unfortunate because the good things he’s done for Lucille, like being more emotionally present and taking her to dinner, will be wiped away. All it’ll take is a flirty look from Mabel at church or something minuscule like that for Luccille to catch on. At that point, the Flenory family will be at its most fragile point and that is something that will surely bring stress to both Terry and Meech.



There is a flip side to the Mabel-Charles affair. Their sudden spark — if that’s what we’ll call it — has provided a new thing for Charles to stress about. This most likely means that it will force him to place his energy into figuring that out as opposed to other things. Maybe, just maybe, Charles will be distracted enough to get off Meech and Terry’s back and allow them to do what they truly want to do. The Flenory boys aren’t going to change their minds, so having their father let them be is certainly helpful rather than having to fight him off every now and then. Elsewhere, Mabel’s time with Charles is a win for her. She spotted what she wanted and successfully got it without much effort. Charles’ vulnerable state and emotional frustration certainly caused him to fall into her trap, but he’s also a grown enough man to stay faithful to his marriage and work out the problems within it rather than run away from it. But, we see that’s not the case.



Terry’s return to BMF has, for lack of a better term, pissed off B-Mickie. In his eyes, Terry walked away from the crew and he was welcomed back without no repercussions and given back a top spot at that, a position that B-Mickie had for so long. B-Mickie expressed his frustrations with Meech who dismissed them and instead told him to drop the issues. Things only get worse for B-Mickie when he agreed to trap Meech for Detective Bryant and Jin, only to change his mind and run off with a furious Meech and escape from the city. B-Mickie says goodbye to his mom and looks to head out of Detroit, but he’s seemingly kidnapped by someone who possibly won’t be revealed until episode seven. Regardless, B-Mickie’s inability to run from Detroit and Meech’s knowledge of his cooperation with the police won’t be good for him going forward, but it could also mean more bad things for BMF in the future.

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