Boyz II Men Blew It On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ And Steve Harvey Lost His Mind

Family Feud is a gift. Especially when things go straight to hell and Steve Harvey gets to lose his mind on contestants that can’t take the pressure. And sometimes, the contestants are celebrities like the guys from Boyz II Men.

All of that came to fruition in the above clip, in which Amber Ruffin’s crew lost to the Boyz, who then proceeded to blow their Fast Money opportunity in terrifyingly hilarious fashion. And, as is often the case, Harvey let the Boyz know exactly how badly they messed up.

Our first contestant, Wanya, actually does pretty well in his Fast Money round. Though there was one potentially fatal flaw: he did answer “July” when asked to name a month that has five letters in it. If you’re comprehending this paragraph, you know that “July” has four letters in it, not five. But even with the zero on that last answer, he took a cool 130 points into the second half of the contest. And you only need 200 to win, so the Men are more than halfway there.

“You smarter than me, Shawn,” Wanya says as his partner reappears on stage. “You smarter than me.”

And then disaster strikes.

Things go pretty well, more or less, until that final question comes up once more. Name a month with five letters in it.

“August,” Shawn says after a moment’s incorrect thought.

The audience actually laughs a bit, and Shawn realizes soon enough that he made a big mistake here.

“He’s not smarter than me, Steve!” Wanya yells. “He’s not smarter than me!”

Oh, but the worst was yet to come. Because while the first four answers were once again pretty solid, the Boyz were short of their goal by nine as the penultimate answer came across the board. What’s something people put on top of oatmeal? As it turns out, in the opinion of 100 people surveyed, they can’t believe it’s not butter.

It’s worth watching the full clip for Harvey’s rant before “August” comes up, as this is truly where the longtime host shines. But if you can’t watch it, for some reason, here’s a brief summary in three images.

family feud steve harvey
family feud final board
family feud knees

At least everyone had fun, I guess.