Salt-N-Pepa’s Pepa Taps Into Her Inner Cougar In A Preview Of This Weekend’s ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Family Feud is always bringing the laughs, whether it be ridiculous answers from contestants or theatrics from the show’s host Steve Harvey. Add celebrities to the mix and the humor only increases. This week, in a preview of Sunday’s upcoming Celebrity Family Feud episode, the chuckles came as a result of Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa tapping into her inner cougar.

Harvey prompted Pepa’s team with the question “We asked a hundred married men, ‘Your wife is a lady in the street and what animal in the sheets?’” to which the 55-year-old enthusiastically replied “A cougar!” As if that wasn’t enough, she gave her rendition of a growl while playing with her own hair. Steve Harvey was clearly entertained by the answer, saying “Run over here if you want to … Learn yourself somethin’. ” Evidently, Pepa had done her homework as her answer was the third most popular. Her partner-in-rap Salt had already given the number one answer, a tiger.

The episode also features Kid from hip-hop duo Kid-N-Play as he, along with Salt-N-Pepa, will take on the cast of Disney’s The Proud Family. Kid, real name Christopher Reid, didn’t yield the same response as Pepa when he answered “a snake” to Harvey’s question. It is left to be determined whether or not this apparent blunder will hold his team back from victory.

Check out the preview of Sunday’s Celebrity Family Feud episode above.