A Surprising ‘Cobra Kai’ Character Would Win A Real-Life Tournament, According To Ralph Macchio And William Zabka

Cobra Kai‘s fifth season shall arrive on September 9, and the show’s still got the “Eye of the Tiger” going on. As well, fans will be absolutely thrilled with the finale episode, which is bloody and brutal but does pull off the show’s most action-and-fight-packed (and cinematic) episode thus far. People will be clamoring for more, and although we still don’t know the precise future plan for the franchise, there’s no way that we’ll be saying goodbye to these dojos anytime soon.

There will be no spoilers here for the various fights happening this season, but how would a Cobra Kai tournament go down in real life? Comic Book asked about who would truly rise victorious, and although the show’s younger stars favored Robby Keene (portrayed by Tanner Buchanan), the franchise’s O.G. rivals felt differently. Ralph Macchio and William Zabka stood up to declare Stingray (portrayed by eternal character actor Paul Walter Houser) as their hypothetical champion:

“Stingray,” Zabka said, referring to Paul Walter Houser’s character.

“Stingray all the way,” Macchio added. “He evolves and gets better every season.

Make it so. While Stingray isn’t the character that most people would ever guess could win things (especially after he did Terry Silver’s bidding to help frame John Kreese after that horrific beat down), he is still standing. And he’s a lot of fun in Season 5, which is one of many rad developments to enjoy on September 9. Happy binging!

(Via Comic Book)