How Many ‘Cobra Kai’ Seasons Should We Expect On Netflix Before The Show Winds Down?

Cobra Kai kept filming throughout the pandemic, which essentially led to back-to-back shoots for Seasons 4 and 5 of The Karate Kid followup series. In other words, creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg started out running a tight ship, and they haven’t let up. Season 5 (which arrives on September 9) still has the “Eye Of The Tiger,” so to speak, and this is one of the few shows that managed to stay on a yearly schedule while others shut down. How far can the show keep realistically going, though?

The sky seems to be the limit, although it’s worth observing that the show’s core younger stars will (obviously) eventually get older, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t continue on their characters’ paths. I wanna see Hawk and Miguel run a dojo together, you know? Robby would probably be all up in there while Samantha ran the business side of things on top of kicking butt. She would deserve a few vacations, surely, while Anthony got on everyone’s nerves. Yet there will be an endpoint for the actual Cobra Kai series, according to William Zabka, who recently spoke with Comic Book. Don’t worry, though, there will be movies to come after the show ends:

“Yeah, there’s no endgame at all, we’ll keep this thing for another ten seasons,” Zabka said with a laugh. “There’s an endgame,” he clarified. “Everything’s pointing to a place on the map for sure. It’s a matter of how many we’re gonna get to do that, but there’s definitely an endgame.” He joked, “We’re gonna end the series and then I think we’re gonna do a trilogy of films.”

I don’t think viewers would mind seeing another ten seasons, honestly, but movies would be highly welcome and could maybe add some shading to stories that arguably get the shaft because the show’s got so many arcs packed into ten episodes per season. Can we talk about Terry Silver’s erratic behavior leaving much open to interpretation? Let’s definitely discuss that soon. More to the point, though, Ralph Macchio also recently suggested that a full-on “cinematic universe” exists, so why not crank out some offshoots and movies? Macchio also tossed out the possibility of a Miyagi-do origin story, so let the dream casting begin.

(Via Comic Book)