‘Euphoria’: The Best Fan Theories After Season 2, Episode 6

(SPOILERS for this week’s Euphoria will be found below.)

With only two episodes left in Euphoria’s second season, our theorizing is getting down to the wire.

Rue has started her long road to recovery (again) but she faces more obstacles in her quest to get clean than ever before. Meanwhile, the Maddy/Cassie/Nate love triangle continues to wreck everyone’s lives and Nate fully embraces his villain arc and Cassie — well, we’re not really sure what Cassie’s thinking at the moment. The girl is emotional AF and not making the best decisions. Before the show’s next episode drops, we’re rounding up some of the best theories we’ve uncovered on the internet. Let us know which ones you think are spot on.


Elliot Will Likely Overdose

Dominic Fike has been a welcome addition to the cast of season two, but now that Rue’s addiction is out in the open and his chemistry with Jules seems to be waning, it just doesn’t feel like there’s much left for Elliot to do but die. His sad departure from the Bennet household as Rue was having her meltdown gave us a suspicious feeling he’s not long for this world — as did that long look between him and Jules as she was driven to the hospital. Elliot is a loner and over the course of the season, we’ve seen how important his relationship with Rue, and now Jules, has been for him — his mom revealed he’d never invited friends over to his house before meeting the two girls. It’s obvious that he feels terrible for outing Rue, contributing to her addiction, and causing a rift in her relationship with Jules. And, unlike Rue, he’s got ready access to plenty of drugs. Rue may be the bigger addict but will the show use Elliot’s death to prove that anyone can succumb to drugs under the right circumstances?


Ali Will Help Rue With Laurie

Part of Rue’s recovery journey included making amends with Ali (the fantastic Colman Domingo) in Euphoria’s most recent episode. Sure, she’s skipping a few steps, but fans were more than happy to see the pair reconcile and to see Ali forgive her for the awful way she treated him earlier in the season. Ali’s so gracious that he even drops by to cook the Bennet women dinner and give both Rue’s sister and her mom some sage advice on how to handle Rue’s latest sobriety attempt. And sure, that gives us all the warm fuzzies, but it also reminds us that Rue is in deep with Laurie, and the more people that support her mean more targets for the drug dealer if Rue doesn’t deliver her payment. Ali’s experienced in that life, and we can’t imagine he’d let Rue handle this mess on her own but, if anything is going to go down with Laurie, Rue, and Ali, here’s hoping the writers hold it for season three. We’ve been through enough.


Lexi’s Play Will Set Up The Finale

After Lexi’s movie date with Fezco, we’re pretty confident Lexi is going to go forward with her play. She may still be worried about Cassie’s reaction, but you can’t cry through the ending of Stand By Me and then belt out the theme song without feeling galvanized to put on your own version of the coming-of-age drama. Lexi seems ready to hold the actions of her friend group up to a mirror, and it’s likely she’ll do it in episode seven so that everyone has time to process the repercussions by the show’s season finale. Maybe the play will be the wake-up call Cassie needs?


Maddy Will Confront Cassie

After enduring a twisted game of Russian roulette with Nate, Maddy would be wise to avoid the psychopath for a while. Their relationship is clearly over and, you know what, she’s better off. But, despite a poolside chat with Samantha (Minka Kelly) that seemed to help Maddy process some of her feelings toward ex-friend Cassie, there’s no way the quick-tempered teen is going to let this go without a fight. Like, a physical fight. She said herself she loves a good brawl, and if Nate’s too mentally unstable to come to blows without pulling a gun on her, at the very least she can give herself the satisfaction of beating Cassie’s a**. Lord knows, the girl deserves it.


Ashtray Will Probably Die

We’ve gone back and forth all season on who will die. Will it be Fez? Rue? Maddy? The last two seem safe at this point but with the feds zeroing in on Fezco and Ashtray for Mouse’s murder, it’s unlikely both characters will make it out of season two alive. Fez would be the more emotional death but he’s quickly become a fan-favorite character and his budding relationship with Lexi promises more storyline for both of them next season. Ashtray on the other hand is a character whose death will hurt — especially since the show gave us more of his backstory this season — but it would also give Fez some direction next season. In other words, Ashtray’s death would be the more useful one in terms of storytelling. We think he might be the one to go.

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