Zoe Saldana Falls In Love With Food (And A Man) In The ‘From Scratch’ Trailer

This trailer for From Scratch is conflicting. On the one hand, it’s gorgeous, features Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea falling madly in love, and there’s a little food porn to boot. On the other, it shows a lot. Like, a lot. It seems fairly heavy on the spoilers and on the smooching.

Viewer beware. That said, it paints the portrait of a thoroughly classic romance — one with powerful emotions, passion, and life smacking people right in the face to put those bonds to the test. Based on the best-selling memoir by actress Tembi Locke, the show features Saldana as a struggling artist (whose dad (Keith David!) thinks she should go to law school). She bumps into Lino (Mastrandrea) in the streets of Sicily, sparks fly, and he says the 9 words everyone wants to hear: “Allow me to cook for you at my restaurant.”


Since this isn’t a rom-com, they don’t chuckle their way into the sunset. Life gets real. Again, if you’re already sold, there’s no need to get spoiled by the trailer. And why wouldn’t you be sold? It’s Saldana in a dramatic romantic role, and Keith David is playing her dad. Repeat: Keith David alert. Grab the popcorn.

All 8 episodes of the Netflix series land on October 21st.