Enjoy These 25 Cool Halloween Pumpkins Inspired By TV And Pop Culture Characters

Photographed by Dov Harrington.

If you’re carving any pumpkins for Halloween this year, you’ll need to settle on a design. Trying to just wing it inevitably leads to lopsidedness and regret. If you didn’t spot one you like in our roundups of pop culture and geeky Halloween pumpkins, maybe one of the 25 pumpkins below will gently caress your fancy (not a euphemism).

Whether it’s a pumpkin professing your understandable love for Game Of Thrones or one professing your questionable love for Big Bang Theory, we’ve got you covered with these carved tributes to TV shows, characters, memes, and celebrities. Special thanks to Brandi Korte for several pictures.

Michelangelo (TMNT) [via]

Stay out of this pumpkin’s territory. Breaking Bad pumpkin photographed by Ed Seymour.

The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) photographed by Brandi Korte.

Spider-Man photographed by Randy Cox.

Garbage Pail Kids photographed by Nate Bosgraaf.

Edvard Munch’s The Scream photographed by Kaitlin.

Bender (Futurama) photographed by Brandi Korte.


Caterpillar (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) photographed by John Watson.

Big Bang Theory pumpkins photographed by Brandi Korte.

Steve Jobs photographed by Rick Payette.

Cthulhu photographed by Tim Ellis.

The Hulk photographed by Brandi Korte.

Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow) photographed by Ted and Dani Percival.

Angry Birds pumpkin photographed by Michael O’Connor Clarke.

Alfred Hitchcock photographed by Brandi Korte.

Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas) photographed by Saxon Unrue.

More The Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins photographed by camknows.

Jack Skellington (A Nightmare Before Christmas) photographed by Rachel.

Cylon (Battlestar Galactica) photographed by john.

The Count (Sesame Street) photographed by poppet with a camera.

Sugar Smacks Bear and Tony the Tiger photographed by Brandi Korte.

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