Hannah Gadsby Has No Desire To Try And Talk To Ricky Gervais About His Trans Jokes: ‘He Doesn’t Seem Like A Nuanced Thinker’

By now, everyone’s aware of how Dave Chappelle went back into trans-jokes mode during a 2021 Netflix comedy special, The Closer. Hannah Gadsby, whose Nannette was also a raging hit for the streamer, reacted by calling out Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos for an defending Chappelle to uphold the “amoral algorithm.” And Gadsby further commented upon “the hate and anger” that she receives from Chappelle fans because she dares to push back.

Fast forward to 2022, and Ricky Gervais decided to punch down, too, with his own new Netflix special, SuperNature, which he defended for its “taboo” nature and embracing of “freedom of expression.” In the process of that explanation, Gervais also declared, My target wasn’t trans folk, but trans activist ideology.” And during a new Hollywood Reporter interview to promote her upcoming new “feel-good” sets (referred to as Body Of Work), Gadbsy sounds like she’s not down to try and engage with Gervais, given the chance, like if they bumped into each other backstage somewhere:

“I’m the sort of person where it wouldn’t matter because people don’t talk to me. I really have a f*ck-off energy and I really enjoy it. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to him because I just don’t think there’s any point. He’s made up his mind. He doesn’t seem like a nuanced thinker. I don’t think we could solve the issues backstage at an awards show. He’s set. There’s no changing his mind. So why bother?”

Fair enough. Choosing one’s battles wisely (and deciding not to expend the energy to do so when it won’t change matters) is a hell of a smart way to live. Hannah also doesn’t sound too interested in taking to Ted Sarandos, either. “He might be a little scared of me,” she offered to THR. “Rightly so, Ted. Rightly so. I’m just joking. It’s very funny, isn’t it? It’s a very funny situation.” Oh yes, it’s terribly funny.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)