The ‘Harley Quinn’ Showrunners Vow To ‘Never’ Break Up Harley And Ivy

HBO Max’s very good animated series Harley Quinn returns this week after a two-year break. The last time we checked in on Harley Quinn (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), they were confessing their true feelings for each other.

“You don’t think I’m chaotic, and crazy, and make a bunch of messes?” Harley asks Ivy while they’re driving away from a squad of cop cars. “No, you definitely do that,” Ivy replies. “But you’re trying to grow, and actually doing it! And that… I mean, for me, that’s what matters!” They say they love each other and kiss while crashing through the window of a church, which, #RelationshipGoals.

Harley Quinn co-showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker are aware of how invested people are in Harley and Ivy, or Harlivy, and they have no plan of breaking them up. “We still have the occasional fan reaction of ‘I don’t like Harley and Ivy together. She should get back with the Joker,’ which we’re never going to do,” Schumacker told the AV Club. “Harley and Ivy will never break up in the series as long as we have a say. That’s something that we never want to touch again.” Or else they’ll feel the wrath of Tumblr.

Harley Quinn season three premieres on HBO Max on July 28.

(Via the AV Club)