It’s Not Just ‘House Of The Dragon’: Lots Of Your Favorite Shows Aren’t Coming Back Until 2024 (At The Earliest)

As House of the Dragon wrapped its epic first season, fans of the Game of Thrones prequel series were hit with some bad news: Season 2 probably won’t arrive until 2024. But it looks like they won’t be the only ones waiting.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and Andor are also looking at significantly long waits until their second seasons drop. However, unlike House of the Dragon which won’t start filming until next year, Rings of Power has already started production for its next season, and Andor will get the ball rolling in November. While it’s good to hear that the new seasons are definitely happening, that won’t change the long production schedules, which are becoming the norm for prestige series thanks to the final season of Game of Thrones. (Is there anything it didn’t ruin?)

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The 2011 fantasy drama’s first seven seasons aired on an annual basis. Then fans waited two years for the climactic eighth and final season in 2019. Many slammed the final run from a creative standpoint, but the six episodes looked like feature films and broke ratings records. The season arguably set a new standard for how much money, effort and time can go into a season, as well as proving that a long wait won’t deter fans from coming back to a highly anticipated show.

Of course, those waits are nothing compared to what Stranger Things fans have been going through. Thanks to the pandemic, there was a massive three year gap between seasons three and four, and according to THR, the wait for the fifth and final season could take just as long. We’re talking 2025 until we’re treated to another round of incredibly descriptive squelching. That show loves a good squelch.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)