The Price For Comcast’s Netflix, Peacock, Apple TV+ Bundle Sounds Too Good To Be True

If you often find yourself switching from Netflix to Peacock, back to Netflix, then over to Apple TV+, the one more quick glance at Peacock just to find something to watch, you might begin to wonder: am I acting financially irresponsible with this behavior? Comcast wants to solve that problem!

Beginning next week, the cable company will offer StreamSaver, a new bundling service that will combine various steaming sites into one convenient package. The bundle includes Peacock Premium (with ads), Netflix Basic (with ads) and Apple TV+ as an add-on for Comcast TV or broadband. The bundle costs $15 a month, which is a 35% discount if the services were purchased separately.

Comcast also offers Now TV, a streaming-only service, which now has Netflx, AppleTV+ and Peacock in addition to 40 (!!) free ad-supported TV channels for $30 per month.

CEO and president of Comcast Dave Watson declared, “These are three premium streaming services that are combined in one compelling package. It’s a home run for consumers… We’re thrilled to have Netflix and Apple as partners.”

The announcement comes ahead of the impending price increase from Peacock, while Hulu, Max and Disney have been brewing up their own streaming concoction. It’s almost as if having everything in one place is a good idea… almost!

(Via Variety)