Peacock Is Raising Subscription Prices Ahead Of The Olympics

All good things must come to an end at some point, and sometimes that good thing is something you don’t know you have until it’s gone, like MoviePass or seasonal Reese’s cups where the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is perfect. NBC’s streamer Peacock used to be a mostly ad-free place, and had a modest $11.99 price point, but as with everything in the ever-changing industry, that ship has sailed, and the streamer is getting ready for yet another price hike.

Starting this summer, the ad-free tier of Peacock known as Peacock Premium Plus will jump up $2 to $13.99, while Peacock Premium (with ads) will increase to $7.99. As for those yearly payers, Peacock Premium’s annual price will increase from $59.99 to $79.99, while Premium Plus will land at $139.99 per year.

The price hike will go into effect in July for new customers, ahead of the Summer Olympics which will kick off the last week in July. The streamer has exclusive rights to the games, which takes place in Paris. Existing customers will see the price alteration on their August bill.

For comparison, Netflix’s basic plan goes for $11.99/month while Hulu’s ad-supported tier jumped to $9.99 last year. So it seems like, for now, Peacock is still the place to be if you are looking to save $2. But you’ll have to make up for it by watching all of that Bravo content, which might cause more harm than good.

(Via Variety)