How Much Will Paramount Plus With Showtime Be?

Paramount+ is more than the Yellowstone network. The streaming service is chock full of bingeworthy movies to keep people entertained during those rare moments when Taylor Sheridan’s various shows aren’t pumping out new episodes. The updated news about Paramount+’s upcoming merger with Showtime — officially as Paramount Plus with Showtime — adds a further wrinkle because there will be plenty more premium content (including the marvelous Yellowjackets) with some to-be-expected price changes.

The streaming service has laid out their price point changes, which build upon the current “Essential” price of $4.99 per month ($49.99 per year) for streaming current library/Paramount+ app content with ads and without a CBS local station included. That price pops up to $9.99 ($99 per year) for a “Premium” plan that removes ads and includes CBS local. If one wishes to add Showtime to an Essential plan, the price shall be $11.99 per month ($119.99 per year); and adding Showtime to a Premium plan will cost $14.99 per month ($149.99 per year).

That’s not too shabby, considering that Showtime boasts a full-on library of TV including Shameless, Dexter, and Billions. In addition, there’s plenty of Comedy Central content already existing on Paramount+, and that includes the likes of Beavis And Butt-Head and South Park. In other words, you have even more streaming options in 2023.

(Via Paramount+)