James Corden Being An ‘Abusive…Tiny Cretin Of A Man’ Has Reminded People Of A Wild Story About Him Being A Jerk To His Wife On A Plane

James Corden may be all smiles and laughs and Carpool Karaoke on TV, but mess with his breakfast and you might discover what New York City restaurateur Keith McNally has now infamously described as an “abusive… tiny cretin of a man.” While both The Late Late Show host and the owner of longtime SoHo hotspot Balthazar have apparently expressed regret over the eggsplosive incident (oh yes, we did!) and patched things up, and other restaurant owners have come to Corden’s defense, the internet has a long memory. And the idea of Corden acting like a sh*tbag reminded some people of a 2017 story that circulated in which the TV personality was accused of being a jerk to his wife, TV producer Julia Carey, and their then-infant child.

The story goes that approximately 30 minutes into a London-bound flight from New York City, a woman with a screaming baby was ushered into business class and seated next to Corden, who didn’t say a word. Instead, he purportedly just put on his headphones to drown out the sound of the child’s screams and went to sleep.

While Corden’s fellow passengers were surprised and impressed that the celebrity didn’t complain about the close quarters or wailing child, they were even more surprised when, while deplaning in London, the clearly frazzled mom finally just handed the kid to Corden while she struggled to free her bags from the overhead luggage compartment and yelled, “For f**k’s sake, can you at least hold the baby while I get the bags down?”

The moral of the story is that it’s possible James Corden is just a jerk — or maybe the airlines screwed up Carey’s all-yolk omelette.