A New ‘Jeopardy!’ Spinoff Will Pit Its Best Champs Against Each Other In Primetime

An all-new Jeopardy! spinoff is coming to ABC primetime. Titled Jeopardy! Masters, the show will pit some of the quiz show’s greatest champs against each other into two back-to-back matches. Unlike other Jeopardy! specials, this one will not be hosted by Mayim Bialik. Instead, Ken Jennings will work the podium, which would presumably take him out of the running for being a contestant despite being one of the best-known Jeopardy! champs.

Although, if there was ever an opportunity for a Jennings vs. Amy Schneider showdown, this would be it. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Jeopardy! Masters will feature what ABC calls a “Champions League style” competition, with a series of games featuring six of the best players in recent years: Matt Amodio, Sam Buttrey, Andrew He, James Holzhauer, Mattea Roach and Amy Schneider. Each hour-long episode will feature two games among different combinations of the six contestants, leading up to the crowing of a champion.

Schneider recently won the 2022 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, so she’ll no doubt be a fierce competitor going into the spinoff. However, Schneider did share that after being last year’s GOAT, she immediately got schooled at bar trivia, which quickly brought her back down to earth.

“Tonight I went out to bar trivia for the first time since my first Jeopardy appearance!” Schneider tweeted back in November along with a less than triumphant reveal. “My team came in third.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)