‘Jeopardy!’ Superchamp Amy Schneider Has Already Been Humbled By Bar Trivia After Her ‘Tournament Of Champions’ Win

Amy Schneider became a Jeopardy legend this year after having the second-longest winning streak in the show’s nearly 60-year run. Last night, Scheider dominated again by winning this year’s Tournament of Champions. But even though winning a ton of Jeopardy games and racking up a lot of money is fun, sometimes you need to go back to your roots and enter your friendly neighborhood bar for a trivia contest.

Schneider went to her first post-Jeopardy trivia night, ready to impress the crowd with her (almost) GOAT status. Maybe it was the same bar that Kor Skeete famously cheated at in season one of The Rehearsal. It was all fun and games… until Schneider’s team came in third. Listen, everyone has off days.

Maybe if Schneider had teamed up with her fellow champions she could have won. But then again, would winning trivia at a local be as cool as winning over a million dollars on national TV? It depends. Is anyone cool at the bar? Was there free food? Is Ken Jennings there offering goofy commentary that you have to laugh along with anyway? Probably not, but Schneider is being a good sport about it.

After her Tournament of Champions win, Schneider took to Twitter to thank fans for following along on this journey. “I don’t feel lucky to have won; if there’s one area where my instinctive self-deprecation clearly shouldn’t apply, it’s my skill at Jeopardy! I’m damn good at this game, and I’m proud of it!” See! You can be good at Jeopardy! and still be bad at bar trivia. Next time you and your college buddies get together just remember: you’ve got this. And you can use your phone under the table for a quick Google search. I won’t tell anyone.