A Subtle Change On ‘Jeopardy!’ Is Driving Some Long-Time Viewers Nuts

Jeopardy! has aired on television since 1964, so even the smallest change to the game show’s strict format will not go undetected. The latest tweak comes courtesy of Mayim Bialik, who is splitting hosting duties with Ken Jennings following the death of Alex Trebek (and the firing of Mike Richards). Since taking over, The Big Bang Theory star has been referring to the first round of Jeopardy! as “Single Jeopardy!” instead of simply “Jeopardy!” This is a minor, but not insignificant modification. One of the secrets to Jeopardy!’s success is its comforting consistency, and as pointed out by TV Insider, the slight alteration is driving some viewers bonkers.

“@missmayim #Jeopardy You make my brain hurt when you say ‘Single Jeopardy.’ Jeopardy has had enough change – stop trying to reinvent it please!” one Twitter user wrote, while another added, “#jeopardy @missmayim It is NOT single Jeopardy!! It is the Jeopardy round. Please don’t keep calling it that.” BuzzerBlog spoke for many Jeopardy! fans by tweeting, “There’s no reason hearing Mayim say “Single Jeopardy” should annoy me as much as it does but it makes me irrationally annoyed.”

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Counterpoint: There’s “Double Jeopardy.” Why can’t there be “Single Jeopardy,” too? Or even better:

(Via TV Insider)