A Sizable Chunk Of The ‘Jeopardy!’ Crew Reportedly Wants Mayim Bialik To Host The Show Full-Time

Things have calmed down on the Jeopardy! front lately, as some very good champions are taking the headlines away from a summer and fall of the show’s hosting chaos. And now that Matt Amodio and Jonathan Fisher have helped settle the focus back on contestants, it seems those involved behind the scenes have settled on a favorite to host the show full-time as well.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, some working on Jeopardy! are “pulling” for current host Mayim Bialik to be named the full-time host as soon as early November. The anonymous sources cited the refreshing change in energy compared to short-lived replacement host Mike Richards, who was forced to resign earlier in the year after multiple controversies.

‘Mayim is gracious, warm and smart and Michael is a diligent leader who is focused on producing a show for the viewers,’ a source says.

Just yesterday a crew member told DailyMail.com that ‘Mayim surprised all of us with vanilla and Oreo cupcakes from a local bakery.’

Baked goods aside, the report indicates that the crew has appreciated things calming down after what’s been months of speculation about the show’s future and a long list of guest hosts.

A source tells DailyMail.com: ‘It is such a refreshing change to what life was like on set with Mike Richards who made it all about Mike Richards.’

‘After decades of calm, we’ve had so much upheaval and change over the past year since Alex passed,’ reveals an insider. ‘It’s been traumatic. It would be so wonderful if Sony celebrates Alex’s life on November 8, the anniversary of his tragic passing, by formalizing the future of the show that Alex cared so much about.’

Looming over all of this, of course, is the eventual return of Ken Jennings, who was announced as the other guest host to bridge the gap after Richards’ abrupt departure. Jennings, you may recall, was widely considered to be Trebek’s chosen successor before his death, a pick that was notably ignored by Sony when they announced Richards as full-time host.

Whether working again with Jennings will stir up his own support by way of anonymous praise in the press is unclear, but what is clear right now is that the folks who work at Jeopardy! seem ready for a new day to… blossom.

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