Jimmy Kimmel Told ABC He Would Rather Quit Than Stop Making Fun Of Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel fully believes that he’s lost half of his fans after making fun of Donald Trump so much, and he’s totally fine with going down that path even if it costs him his job. While stopping by Stitcher’s Naked Lunch podcast, Kimmel revealed to hosts Phil Rosenthal and David Wild that Republicans once considered him “the most popular talk show host.” Since then, the late-night host has repeatedly gone to town on Trump’s disastrous presidency (and his “Big Lie” post-presidency) even though it did spark a conversation with ABC brass.

According to Kimmel, there was talk of him maybe laying off Trump, and the comedian wasn’t having it. “If you want somebody else to host the show, that’s fine, that’s okay with me. I’m just not going to do it like that,” Kimmel said before revealing that the network reluctantly backed off.

The two parties clearly worked things out because Kimmel recently signed a three-year extension on his contract. Although, once again, that decision all comes back to Trump. Via The Wrap:

“I want to be on the air when Donald Trump goes to jail. I still believe, even after living through the O.J. [Simpson] trial, that justice triumphs in America and I know there are a billion different examples to the contrary. [But] how can you commit this many crimes and be this unethical and be this terrible and get away with it?”

Considering Trump’s mounting legal troubles from the Mar-a-Lago raid to the January 6 committee subpoena, Kimmel might get to see his dream come true sooner rather than later.

(Via The Wrap)