Jonah Ryan — Yes, The Fictional VP From ‘Veep’ — Releases An Official, Triumphant Statement About Daylight Saving Time

Do you support making Daylight Savings Time permanent? Then good news! You agree with Republicans Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. You also agree with Jonah Ryan, the monstrous yet easily mockable (and fictitious) liaison-turned-politician played by Timothy Simons over seven seasons of Veep. (A lot of other sensible people are for this, too, so don’t worry.) The day after the Senate unanimously passed the Sunshine Protection Act, Jonah emerged on Twitter, heaping praise upon a bill that’s so popular that it’s made strange bedfellows of many.

“Our long national nightmare and daymare is over,” declared Jonah in a statement attributed to him and shared by David Mandel, the show’s showrunner from Season 4 on. “No longer will innocent Americans show up hours late or hours early to their jobs, their J-dates or their court-ordered counseling appointments for weeks on end just because of the whims of ‘Big Clock.’”

In the statement, Jonah also made sure to air some of his less popular thoughts, such as supporting Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and, of course, outing himself as anti-vaxx.

“The recent COVID-19 pandemic has proven that my views about vaccines which were once dismissed as ‘fringe’ or ‘anti-scientific’ or ‘insane’ were, in fact, correct,” Jonah writes. “In case you’ve forgotten, my own father died of Chicken Pox that I gave him in order that decent Americans everywhere might be spared from vaccinations that are filled with chemicals.”

On top of that, Jonah also derided the U.S. metric system as well as the “lack of nudity” on the most recent season of Euphoria.

But many on both sides of the aisle can at least come together on this: that the nation shouldn’t move clocks back in the fall, thereby giving us another hour of light during the bleak midwinter. It’s cruel to those who like daylight and, besides that, it’s awkward — even more awkward than Jonah Ryan.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)