Kate McKinnon Choked Up At The End Of Her Final (And Maybe Filthiest) Appearance As UFO Abductee Ms. Rafferty On Her Last ‘SNL’

Over her 10 years at SNL, Kate McKinnon has been one of the most prolific cast members, appearing early and often and creating some of its most beloved impersonations and characters. Maybe her most beloved creation (apart from her RBG) is Ms. Rafferty, the salty woman who keeps getting abducted by aliens and never getting the preferential treatment that others receive. Ms. Rafferty’s such an institution that, for McKinnon’s final episode, they gave her the cold open usually reserved for matters political.

For the most part, the final Ms. Raffery sketch follows the mold to a T: Three people who’ve been abducted meet with government agents. Two have lovely, life-changing stories. Ms. Rafferty does not. Instead, she finds herself in embarrassing, invasive situations. This time, though, it was even filthier than usual.

It was also bittersweet. While graphically recounting the usual grey extraterrestrials plucking her pubes for science, she reflects on all the other times they’ve had their way with her. “It hit me: Colleen, this might be the most stable relationship you’ve ever had,” she said.

The sketch ended with a meta reference to McKinnon’s departure from SNL. The agents say they’ve worked out a deal with the aliens whereby they take one of the trio with them. Ms. Rafferty volunteers herself. As she boards their spacecraft, Close Encounters-style, McKinnon/Rafferty bid farewell to the planet and to SNL.

“Well, Earth, I love ya,” McKinnon said, visibly choked up. “Thanks for letting me stay awhile.”

Then again, McKinnon (and Ms. Rafferty) can always return for hosting duties. Till then, you can watch the possible final Rafferty sketch in the video above.