‘SNL’ Brought Kate McKinnon’s Ms. Rafferty Back To Talk About Mating With An Alien Lady

Kate McKinnon has many beloved SNL characters, but perhaps even her gyrating, bump-and-grinding take on Ruth Bader Ginsberg may not be as adored as Ms. Rafferty, aka “the chainsmoking lady who was abducted by aliens.” She’s done the character a few times, most memorably when she completely cracked up a hopeless Ryan Gosling.

Host Paul Rudd sat between Cecily Strong and McKinnon’s slouching, cucumber cool rando as the three were grilled over their misadventures with something called “the Oculus,” where they found themselves with the chance to be transported all over the universe. As always with these sketches, Rudd and Strong’s characters had amazing, life-changing experiences. McKinnon’s was just weird.

Among other things, she found herself the girlfriend of the alpha female. “I ain’t really into ladies, but if nothing else is open, I’ll eat at a Taco Bell, you smell what I’m sayin’?” she asked her befuddled NASA experts.

Next she demonstrated the way she was mounted, by mounting Rudd. She started with his head, then mounted him from behind, then went repeatedly for his ear. She concluded by miming how her alien partner tried to finger heir keister. “I said, ‘Hey, Curious Georgina, the last person who tried that never saw his wedding ring again,” she said.

To his credit, Rudd miraculously kept his stuff together, unlike Gosling.