‘SNL’ Paid Tribute To Ruth Bader Ginsburg With A Touching Farewell From Kate McKinnon

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death at age 87 from pancreatic cancer left a massive and arguably unfillable void within the highest court of the land. SNL returned this week to Studio 8H for the Season 46 premiere (hosted by Chris Rock) and gave the liberal firebrand a proper (and suitably understated) sendoff from the cast member who portrayed the Notorious RBG. During the premiere’s “Weekend Update” segment, Kate McKinnon appeared in the audience for a brief moment with a final, robe-clad bow in character. The screen then faded into a “rest in power” graphic.

It must be noted that McKinnon’s previous portrayals of Ginsburg often made mention of her refusal to retire, and that’s exactly how RBG went out. She worked until she couldn’t possibly do so any longer, and she crushed her workouts as long as possible as well. On Twitter, people noted the SNL farewell to be a suitably impactful (and emotional) one.

It was sad, for sure, but it was also lovely and profound and something that RBG undoubtedly would have loved. Here’s how McKinnon did RBG a few short years ago (how “scandalous,” and very funny).

2020, you’re a doozy. Please have mercy upon all of us soon.