Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Walk Back Her ‘Get Your F**king A** Up And Work’ Comments (For A Second Time)

Kim Kardashian kicked off a wave of controversy in early March that saw the reality star get brutally roasted on social media for telling people to “get your f**king a** up and work” during a sprawling Variety cover story ahead of The Kardashians premiere on Hulu. After the heat died down, Kim stopped by Good Morning America later in the month where she attempted to chalk the whole thing up to being taken out of context when she also said that “nobody wants to work these days.”

However, that excuse was quickly shot down by Variety Chief Correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister who reviewed the raw footage and said the question Kardashian was asked was “very direct” and quoted in context.

Maybe the second time is the charm because Kim is once again trying to massage her business advice that sparked reactions that the reality star is wildly out of touch with the true working class. This time around, Kardashian says she was having an “off day,” which in fairness, is a much better excuse than claiming she was taken out of context. Here’s what she told the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast via Mediaite:

“I want everyone to win. Truly, I think there’s always enough to go around. I love supporting all my friends and small businesses and any women I meet.” Kardashian continued, “It will definitely teach me to be careful in the sense of like, I don’t care what kind of day or mood, or what other question was coming in that, that tripped me out and got me — maybe my tone was different, but I still — it made me sad that it was perceived that way cause I would never want to hurt anybody or intend for that to be offensive.”

You’d think after spending almost two decades in the public eye, Kardashian would be aware that her every word is scrutinized. However, when you have that level of fame, it’s easy to suffer a severe disconnect from the rest of the world, where work doesn’t involve glamorous photoshoots or working out of a mansion.

(Via Mediaite)