‘Mayans M.C.’ Fans Are Crushed Over The Death Of A Beloved Biker On The ‘SOA’ Spinoff: ‘Like Killing Opie!!!!!!!’

(Spoilers for Mayans M.C. will obviously be found below.)

In the Sons Of Anarchy universe, the gut-wrenching death of Opie (Ryan Hurst) still weighs heavily upon loyal fans who are all up in Mayans M.C., which saw the death of a character (who’s actually more of a Juice) that’s causing similar shockwaves this week. And it must be noted that the spinoff’s gotten pretty crazy and deliciously soap-operatic in the fourth season. Alvarez/El Padrino (Emilio Rivera) is back in his kutte, and drug lord Miguel (Danny Pino) is heavily bearded and exiled (while hanging out at a convent), and Emily (Sarah Bolger) is leading a secret life in freaking Ohio. Drama!

This show’s principal club’s also been signaling war with the Sons, and that means (in addition to previous appearances from Tommy Flanagan’s Chibs and David Labrava’s Happy) that some Tig (Kim Coates) is in order. And on the A Crow Flew By episode, a cliffhanger went down with the apparent death of poor Coco (Richard Cabral). He’s a beloved character, but I’m frankly shocked that he made it through all the cult-drug stuff last season. I mean, the guy’s number has been up for quite some time (after his Mom and all that), but let’s just say that people did not want to see him go.

Coco’s death scene also arrived out of the blue (after a heartwarming conversation with Hope), which only added to the blow. One joke, though, did hit me pretty well: a (fantastical) theory that El Padrino would only allow “room for one set of fly braids up in Santo Padre. Sorry, Coco.” In other words, this might inadvertently be the fault of former Galindo cartel security dude Nestor.

Still, fans are crushed. And yes, there’s a “Killing Coco is like killing Opie!!!!!!!” tweet.

The fallout should be interesting after Coco’s death, and could this really set Angel on a path of greater self-destruction? Hmm, I dunno.

“RIP Coco” may not be the new “RIP Opie,” but it’s still a tragic development.

FX’s ‘Mayans M.C.’ airs on Tuesday nights before next-day replays on Hulu.