A Chat With Emilio Rivera About ‘Mayans M.C.,’ ‘Con Air,’ And Kurt Sutter Dropping The Mic On Superhero Violence


When Mayans M.C. debuted last year, executive producers Kurt Sutter and Elgin James initially only brought over one actor from Sons of Anarchy to bridge the gap between universe installments. We’re talking about Emilio Rivera, who plays Marcus Alvarez, known to viewers as the Mayans’ Oakland chapter leader and apparent national president. Given that Marcus was the second character to appear onscreen on Sons (after Charlie Hunnam’s Jax), it just felt right for the universe to carry on with his story. He’s also known as El Padrino (“The Godfather”) on the series, which is about to launch a second season, and change has arrived for Marcus. When we last saw him, he did the unthinkable by removing his cut after eight seasons of biker-drama madness. This was an emotional moment for fans and the actor.

Rivera was kind enough to talk with us about what Marcus will be doing in Mayans M.C.‘s second season. We also chatted about his stand-up comedy background, his time on the Con Air set, and how he was absolutely thrilled to recently witness Kurt Sutter speaking out about superhero movie violence. Emilio’s also got some advice for Marcus Alvarez, who will hopefully heed those words.

Hi Emilio. Congratulations on Season 2 of Mayans.

Thank you very much. I’m really proud of the show.

Are you feeling a little less pressure this season to deliver?

You know what? No, I always have pressure, but that’s my own personal thing. I like pressure, so I just wanna be sure that what Kurt [Sutter] and Elgin [James] are writing, I want to put the performance behind the words because the words are very powerful and going all over the place. I’m really proud of the writing, but I’m proud of what the guys are really doing. It’s some badass work, man.

If I were to have spoken with Marcus years ago, I’d have congratulated him for outliving Jax Teller. Were you ever afraid for his future?