Michael B. Jordan Dragged Himself Over His ‘First Public Breakup’ And Instantly Had Several Takers In His ‘SNL’ Monologue

Michael B. Jordan popped onto SNL with significant shoes to fill after Aubrey Plaza killed it as a host, and M3GAN 2.0 added even more killer vibes. Still, the Black Panther antagonist held his own while promoting his starring and directing turn in the upcoming (and Stallone-less) Creed III. And whaddya know, the female SNL cast members were all too happy to support Jordan and offer to do more, as revealed in this monologue, in which he happily roasted himself.

First thing’s first, though: Jordan relived his 20-year-old showbiz debut, complete with howling, on All My Children and continued roasting himself by moving onto his “first public breakup” (from Lori Harvey). That included discussion of his courtside “chilling”/not “sad” face, but there appears to be no shortage of interested parties, if the reactions from the female SNL cast are any indication.

Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner popped into view with mentions of phone numbers and full-body pillows, but they were quickly outdone by Ego Nwodim, all ready to roar in a wedding dress. Even Punky Johnson was willing to discount existing preferences if Jordan happened to be interested. He, of course, inquired, “Aren’t you gay?” To which Punky replied, “I’m Punky B. Curious. Even vegans got cheat days, right?” Yep, Michael B. Jordan is gonna be alright.