Michael Che Got The Best Of Colin Jost Again By Tricking Him Into Making A Joke About Wife Scarlett Johansson

Saturday Night Live is always looking to push the envelope with weird and sometimes scarily accurate sketches, but the real comedy comes from self-deprecating jokes that tend to wind up in Weekend Update. For the season finale, Colin Jost and Michel Che traditionally do a “joke swap” in which one of the comedians writes jokes for the other one, mostly to make them look as bad as possible on live television. They tend to do this to themselves already, but this time it makes it a fun tradition to look forward to.

For the season 49 finale, Che was forced to joke about the Kendrick Lamar/ Drake beef by siding with Drake (the universally wrong winner in this scenario). But while Che might be afraid of getting on Kendrick’s bad side, Jost might be in hot water with his wife, Scarlett Johansson, after one of his jokes.

“ChatGPT has introduced a new voice assistant feature inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s AI character in HER,” Jost began, before adding the punchline, “Which I never bothered to watch because without the body what’s the point of listening?” He said before hanging his head in shame.

Johansson probably doesn’t mind, she’s funnier than the two of them combined, anyway. You can check the full joke swap segment above, if you feel like experiencing some secondhand embarrassment.