HBO Max Cancelled ‘Minx’ And Won’t Even Air Its Almost Already Filmed Second Season, And People Are Furious

For the last few months, there have been major shakeups at Warner Bros. Discovery. The DCEU is undergoing a massive make-over that might not even have room for a third Wonder Woman. HBO Max shows have been put in jeopardy. Now one of them has been cancelled despite its second season nearing completion. And the show’s fans are pissed.

That show is Minx, the comedy about a young feminist (Ophelia Lovibond) teaming up with a low-rent publisher (Jake Johnson) to make the first women’s erotic magazine in the porn-happy ‘70s. As per Variety, the show, which premiered in March of this year, was renewed shortly thereafter. Filming for the second season was nearing completion when the show was suddenly scrapped. Not only will those new episodes never air on HBO Max, but the first season will be stricken from the streamer. The show’s producers are looking to find it a new home.

News of the cancellation shocked many, including creator Ellen Rapoport, who tweeted, “I am obviously disappointed that Minx (along with several other shows yet to be announced) is leaving HBO Max. I’m proud of the show we’ve made and am confident that the audience will come with us to our new home. Thank you to the best cast and crew in the business.”

Others were baffled.

Many were furious.

Some pointed out that, with this and the cancellation of Batgirl and the Scoob! sequel earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery aren’t exactly showing themselves to be a welcome home for creators.

Some pointed out to another Jake Johnson show unceremoniously cancelled: Stumptown.

But many were cautiously optimistic about it finding a new home.

For now, you can stream Minx on HBO Max. Until they delete it.

(Via Variety)